How a Simple 7 Step Process Can Generate 100K+ In Business Funding In The Next 30 Days

Without Net 30's, Building Business Credit, Or Being A Credit Expert

Finally learn how other entrepreneur's are funding their business in this tough economic climate with a proven strategy that has gotten me over half a million in business funding.

Get Access To The Same Steps I Took To Get Over 500K In Capital

 10+ years


 $2M in Funding Generated


The Curriculum

Explore the 7 steps to 100K+

7 steps to 100K+ is a step by step intensive guide on how to fund your business. We don't hold back and give you exactly the structure you will need to be presentable to multiple banks with today's tough under writing criteria. Here's what we show you:

✅ Proper Business Structure ​

✅ How to Get The Highest Limits on Business Credit Cards

✅ How to Create A Profile to Get Funded​

✅Business Funding Qualifications​

✅Personal and Business Credit Funding Sequence​

✅Business Credit Stacking Method​

✅How I Fill Out Applications

Bonuses Included When You Grab It Today


Know Before You Apply

Within a few minutes of reading this ebook you will know exactly where each bank will pull from. Which is important when trying to get business funding


From Credit To Capital Masterplan

Learn what indicators banks look for with a full guide on how to leverage your personal credit for business funding.


Bank Plays The 5 Banks You Can Get Funding From Fast

For the first time ever we’re offering our funding sequences for 5 different banks. These are the same strategies that people in our mentorship program get access to that have paid thousands for custom funding plans .

This is simply a list with data points and instructions on how to get approved for massive capital.

Meet The Author, LaJuan Hughes

LaJuan Hughes began his entrepreneurial journey with a nightlife company based in Las Vegas, NV 🍾🎉 where he is from.

What he quickly found out was that he needed more money than he had saved up which resulted in him having to let go of his nightlife company and find something new. He knew there had to be a better way to fund a business which is when he began researching credit.

He had always been a cash guy 💵 but knew there was a better way. After years of trial and error he finally cracked the code to acquiring business credit to the tune of $500k.

Once he started to infuse his capital in his new marketing company it took off fast 💨. And he now had tons of people asking him how he was able to get funding for his business when others couldn't.

He started a youtube channel initially to start educating people on personal and business credit but more people needed help. They wanted a step by step formula they can follow to help guide them through the funding process.

See what he found out was most people don't have a clue how to leverage credit to get funding and why would they? They didn't get in business to be a banking expert, they got in business to do something they love and provide for their family.

Now his goal is to share his experiences so that others can fast-track this process and get their business funded a lot faster than he did ‼️

So if your ready to make a change

meet us on the other side.

Author Credentials

  • Helped 200+ business owners acquire 2 million dollars in funding

  • Got over 500K in business capital for my businesses.

  • ​Been mastering credit for the last 10 years

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